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Ten Reasons why we go to Events

Ten Reasons why we go to Events
13 Nov

What really motivates people to go to an event? For once I want you to think about the inner drives. There are things we will never say during a focus group or on your questionnaire. There are indeed universal reasons we attend events we are ashamed to admit.

In my experience running events, I’ve always focused on trying to leverage on motivators my guests would never mention and it’s (almost) always been a success.

So Let’s have a look

1. I feel alone
Despite we may think that event goers are sociable types, I am genuinely convinced of the opposite. I am actually convinced that those who attend an event are shy and introverted and want to get to know more people, possibly like them.

2. I don’t want to be at work
One of the most recurrent reasons that drives event numbers up is whether you have given your attendees a chance to be a couple of hours or days off work, while being paid.

I know it is not a nice thing to say, but this is the harsh truth.

3. I want to drink, eat and party for free and in abundance
Most people won’t say so, but they are in for the free meal and party. That could be the only reason why they come in the first place.

4. I am broke
In a business context, events are a good opportunity to find contacts and clients. Attendees tend to see events as their unique resource when they are not able to turn around business with advertising or traditional marketing communications.

5. My boss told me to go
Kind of the vice-versa of item number 2. Sometimes bosses force employees to attend events. They couldn’t care less and they are overall bored.

6. I want to stay away from my family
OK before I get 300 comments of angry readers, allow me to clarify. Sometimes we all need a break. From life as usual, family issues, kids and frustration associated with any of the above. Events are most of the times a great opportunity for a legitimate getaway. Without the extremes depicted in movies such as ‘Cedar Rapids’ or ‘Boiler Room’, sometimes we want to cut out from the real world and not feel guilty about it.

7. I don’t know anything about your event subject
We tend to think that only experts and gurus are the ones who should attend our events. Reality is that the majority of people attend events to learn about something they are completely clueless about. They won’t tell you that. Sometimes also the self-proclaimed experts attend to learn.

8. I am in for the goody bag
This may sound stupid to you. But I stopped counting how many people told me in the past they attended events, especially exhibitions, just for the goodies. I have seen attendees who actually feel less guilty about some of the items above (such as partying and fun), because they can go back to the office and share some goodies with their colleagues.

9. I want to visit somewhere new
Despite you may think we are all accustomed to travel the world, this is not the case. In fact not lots of people get a chance to travel outside of their office or home location. Human beings want to explore and experience the unknown.

10. I don’t want to spend a single penny
Once they paid the ticket, guests don’t want to spend a penny more. When extra money is asked after we spent a lot on the ticket, we experience frustration.

(First Published – OCTOBER 17, 2018)

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